Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

data/debt - california special (eumig and chinon remix):
mmm , mmmm, MMMMMMM !

best rack

pony pony run run - hey you (bestrack remix):

chromed out

i am always down with chromeo
so throw a good remix my way and i'm down as a brown clown

chromeo - bonafied lovin' (yuksek remix):


danger - 13hr12:


mstrkrft - breakaway (blende remix)


ginuwin- pony - dubstep remix

Thursday, January 28, 2010

she dun no

Rockwell Knuckles - Government Name


Lets get ILL - Theophilus London + Ninjasonik


miike snow vs. drake


French Fries - Saurus Rhythm:

Barretso - Bright City Lights (Kolt13 Remix):

never judge a book by its cover

kids gettin down to the funky disco
Dolby Anol- Cameroon :


tell me what you're waiting for
crookers ft. kelis - no security (rustie remix)

cody powell

mmmm i enjoy you
especially because you shared this masterpiece with me

Gotan Project - Mi Confesion:

it like it heavy

Pendulum- Showdown (Excision Remix) :

mmmmmm dubstep

george lenton - sorry:


funky dubstep.. mmmmm
i like to keep it reaaaal funky
Flux Pavillion- Night Goes On (Original Mix):

from a girl you hardly know

Elias and The Wizzkids - Oh These Nights:


good fucking god,
you're not uffie...
why didn't the popo keep her away?$ha - dinosaur...


L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (Kingdom Remix)

I said that its done

Yeasayer - One :

you make it so god damn hard

bad rabbits - stick up kids :


how low can you go - ludacris (cobra krames remix)
sooo fucking good.

electro battles

thanks to squeakeclean blog, i found this lovely little clip
i dont know about you guys but
i am not missing this!!

here is a preview :

The Electro Wars Teaser 2 from Stephen Alex Vasquez on Vimeo.


Dan Black - Symphonys (duff's deep disco remix)

a date called quest

Wax and EOM - a date called quest

folkin and stressin

folk and stress - lear jet (live)

folk and stress - new york ft. gza


when i was little,
i used to force ants to battle
until they ripped eachother apart
i may or may not have a god complex

The Cheebacabra -"The Electric Ant" :

Brap Brap

i aint glad at em BUT i aint mad at em

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


MF DOOM - Jan 27
Steve Aoki - Jan 28 + apr 9 + aug 5
people under the stairs - feb 20
RJD2 - Mar 11
miike snow - april 3

the XX - april 4

mmmm what a lineup.
(in toronto)

ben braaaun

money aint a thing - jayz :
all for you, braun!

that one movie...

with beyonce? that no one saw?
(no offense, beyonce... i fucking love you)

oh ya! obsession! well, that is what you could call me...
if you're referring to EDBANGER
... i should be getting paid, for the amount of times i drop that labels name.

mmmmmm. edbanger.
boys noize - transmission (mr. oizo remix) :
mmmmmm. edbanger.

this is produced by mr oizo + sebastiAn [vyle - everything all black]

ipad, who?

to be honest, i could care less about the ipad
fuck that hype
i'm solid with my apple desktop, thanks

btw.. it is seeming as if it is DEFINITELY xtina for the "IAmWhoAmI" mystery
didn't want to say
(if i end up being wrong, forget i said this)

boy better know - too many men (dj zinc remix):

i am enjoying this track!
to be honest, i've never really been interested in "i blame coco"
but this might have changed my mind!

+ i love this miike snow remix

mmm edbanger

this is breakbot - make you mine

i love anything edbanger, this was released on ed bangers christmas ep
breakbots EP will be released on valentines day.
loook out for it!


what do you think??

red pens - hungout


yo know i love my canadians!
what makes this song great is the fact that it is called "loonies to blow"
for those of you who do not know
a loonie is a canadian one dolla coin.

this is a-traks remix of it

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


does anyone else find it funny that drake was the sole nig on degrassi?
and also in a wheelchair?
NOW hes huge and famous?
good on yea, canadian nig

(i have a little crush on lil wayne)
and im feeling this vodka/milk remix:


if you enjoy matt and kim
you may or may not enjoy this remix

i have mixed feelings

matt & kim - daylight (vodka/milk remix) :

the original :

want some duuuub

coming from capsules himself:


lupe's new album is going to be the banga of the year
lupe is the fucking man.

this is apparently a song of his upcoming album, it is not finished yet.
i don't give a fuck, anything with his name on it, i'll buy and hype the shit out of it.

this was released last year, and apparently not loved...
well anything mat santos and lupe touch is GOLD in my opinion...

rusko parties

mmmm bangaaaa.
funky rusko can always make me funk-it-up

rusko - do you wanna have a party


this is actually un-fucking-real.

zombie disco squad - eurovision (the boog-a-loo crew remix) :

i love busy p and rye rye

i am iffy on crookers, but i am unbelieveably stoked for his new album to come out
i am excited because he has many friends (hehe?) and is working with fucking amazing artists.

Crookers ft. Rye Rye - Hip Hop Changed (busy p remix) :


this funky jam, is eerie.
i love the words
funky and eerie.. spatula and thank you (with an azn accent) are up there too

corinne stevie - cristal on the moon

wutang + beatles

what a pair! two of the most iconic, hip and funky artists out there
mashed together?

lets do this
wu-tang vs the beatles - got your money :

slappa da bass

naaw... i mean slap in the bass

i love my diplo, so here yeaauh go.
sooooo good

Laidback Luke and Diplo - Hey! (Slap In The Bass remix)

new new new

new joanna newsome

keep it on the DL
because her label made GvB remove their streaming audio
oh the joys of being a low traffic blog, mostly for personal use

... it can only be played on the website...

Chaos Dans Le CBD

Chaos Dans Le CBD is a group that i have fallen in love with after following Switch-Control's blog. (which i am convinced his title came from the kid sister song...)
listen up to this new zealand boys.. mmmm

new {FAKE} justice

every blog will be hosting this file,
but its worth it.
again : EDBANGER

thank you!

justice - beginning of the end

i don't want to think

i find songs like this to be good, for when my thoughts are far too confusing
plus, the artists name is tits and clits...
yes please!!

tits and clits - attack of the dirty dead :

freeing of feelings

a breaking of an old rusty chain happened today
being set free isn't always a great feeling

enjoy this :

the tallest man on earth - king of spain

mmmm luupe

the only reason i went to the Glow in the Dark tour:

lupe fiasco!!

(and perhaps NERD)

here is a track that lupe and kenna produced to raise funds for haiti

soo... break it down and let's rumble (like, haiti).
(too soon?)

new gorillaz!

i love the gorillaz, everything from their tunes to their animation.

this track is the gorillaz featuring mos def and bobby womack
entitled : Stylo


the coachella and the shambhala lineups are enough to make me double O.
the fun at ness creek is enough to cause a third...

shiiiiit. i wish i had unlimited funds and time.

(not playing at any of the above)

lets smoke a JEY

take a listen to:

all the right moves - one republic remixed by JEY (of souldiggaz)

the real rhymesayers

i'm doown


not the kind that females get once a month...

i am refering to purple monkey sircus:

ms. perry

i had the absolute pleasure of meeting katy perry when she was in saskatoon for warped tour last summer...
she was a complete bitch, i sold her a dress and that was it.
i had no idea who she was, her manager came up to the staff at Divine after and informed us that her majesty was the lovely lady who just came in.

"just so you know"

this remix, i enjoy :

oh daddy, you're so small


i have no idea what this kid is saying.

but it made the lack of froot loops in the house, seem okay.

...presenting mini daddy:

s'all over the internet

" the weed is the essence "

the vid is actually quite enjoyable and i like the tune

kid cudi - cudderisback:

jay de la electronic

i was creepin 2dopeboyz and found j.electronic's bangaa remixed!

mmmm. mmmm. mmmmmmm.

although i can't find a youtube vid, so i will link you to the DL.

it's remixed by Rob Viktum
DL Exhibit C - Jay Electronic (remixed by RobViktum)

here is the original :

you either build or destroy where you come from

Monday, January 25, 2010

makes dyl drool

Spinnin' wheels - Marlena Shaw (diplo/mad decent remix)

Les Rythmes Digital

LRD, freshened up this Cassius tune

forever... dub

want this shit forever

party in the...

sometimes the cyrus family can be tolerable...
preferably when mixed with BIGGIE.

the biggie mix, is far better... but make your choice!

blue blood

fake blood:


i enjoy this remix a lot! although, flutter will always be my fav.


jenny jubstaaaa

all for you,giiiirl.

is my nigga back

from the barbershop?

a little bizarre, but i enjoooy.

playing on the radio

this song pulls at my heart strings (but i love it)... for a couple reasons
anyways, it was featured in party monster.
which is one of my fav movies ever.

here you go:

party monster trailer:

panda + beastie

ya knooow?

this song brings a smile to my face for no reason at all.. ya know?

blak to thaaa rok

you make my blak, rok.

she could kill my soul, all thats left is a eulogy

im screaming out

fuck that, fuck that, fuck that!

thank god for friends

all i have to do is be a huge FB creep, and i can be reminded of the dopest tunes.
thanks broooos, i miss you all.

caribou - odessa

kid sister + kanye = rusko


not good

this video is not particularly good, although i enjoy it for the lols.
hes canadian and has enough costumes and makeup to be half of bowie.
my personal fav costume is the balla, with the jersey.

...seriously, what the fuck.


i really do not know a whole lot about this certified baaaanga.
but bang along to this funky jam and bangalicious, funky fun times will be had.

mike diaz

is the man behind million young. million young's newest EP was released on Jan 19th. go check it out!

these two vid's are from his EP, Sunndreamm.

Weak Ends - million young

Chlorophyl - million young


iamamiwhoami is the mysterious youtube user who is supposedly a famous artist. this he/she/it is posting anonymous videos (three so far), of pretty fucking fantastic music.

there are quite a few popular guesses such as goldfrappe, the knife and xtina. i'm leaning towards xtina, seeing as the first single from goldfrappe sounds nothing like these pieces. also xtina is working with goldfrappe, le tigre and ladytron on her upcoming album... could it be?
also... xtinas new album is gonna be called bionic...and the title of her video is "'. 2 3 3 7 8
i .t .s. m. e. b i o n i c

really... who actually gives a fuck, it's funky-fantastic.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my heart hurts

when i lived in good ol sask
we would sit in darryls bed, bein funky, everyone in love with molly
and listen to his flava of mixtape.
lisztomania was a crowd favourite...
for memories sake.


DSL remix:


can't get enough of this maaaan.

cheap and cheerful


dick sucking lips

back to good ole edbanger!
stupid bitch - DSL


getting blooody

the bloody beatroots

shiiit, steve aoki is a mastermind genius. dim mak has some of the best, most fun, funkiest artists on his label...
you better have already known them, but...

introducing! the bloody beatroots

REMIXES of 2009 teaser

FAF- funky as fuck

these are some tracks that i heard more recently. my favs are the old ones, but peep 'em and make your decision.

games you can win- RJD2 ft. Kenna

all for u - RJD2 (this one is funky as fuck)

beyond the beyond - RJD2 (this one is beyond funky!)


in March i will be entranced by the music of RJD2, thank god for Toronto.

grade a

columbian cocaine

daft punk and tron ...

enough to make me O...

this is not the actual trailer for Tron : Legacy. (the official trailer is below.) this is simply (hah!) one of the 24 tracks Daft Punk has recorded for the upcoming movie. Daft Punk is recording the whole soundtrack. it will blow your mind.

here is the actual trailer :

release date : december 17th/2010

i can't fucking wait

only : 326 days to go.

why not? labyrinth kicked fucking ass.

steve aoki

ever since early 2008 i couldn't get Steve Aoki's 'Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles' out of my head.

this lovely mixtape is 120 minutes of aoki at his finest. lucky me will be seeing him in a week...
suck it!

shake my booty

calvin harris always encourages my funky ass to shake funktastically.

calvin harris - neon rocks

calvin harris - i'm not alone (deadmau5 remix)

"i will tell you everything i know... any little thing i know"

i have a small, soft spot for virgins...

okay, maybe a large, soft spot for virgins. and i definitely mean the band.

rich girls - the virgins (hemingway remix)

Pelifics - Forever (Hemingway Remix)

i will come back to hip-hop

for now... take in this intense Barrestso beat.
on every worthy blog this DJ has been mentioned.
the song get bettered x 10000000 when the vocals come in

...hopefully this makes you feel better.

for ramy "sandman" shoker

doin it up brooklyn style

crooklyn dodgers - crooklyn .. the kixnare remix!

"we did it like that, now we do it like THIS"

i am the funky superstar

we can rely on eachother... uh huh

lets give a warm, round of applause

keep on walking, beautiful.

keep on walking...


to protect and entertain

seriously, edbanger records...

no introduction needed

think you're artsy?

grouch will tell ya who the artsy one is, bitch.

do you enjoy the original or the edIT remix more?

hip-hop can be funky too

i love all music, lets throw down some good ole' hippity-to-the-hoppity

people under the stairs - acid raindrops

I find this to be the most commonly listened to track, so to introduce you to PUTS check this out

mmmmmm. murs and PUTS

"murs, i told you it wasn't a flute"

designer drugs

my drugs don't have to be designer... but when remixing they sure do.
fuck, i cant get enough of this track :

don't throw away this track ;)

2 much 2 handle

anything viking touches turns to fucking gold.
the synth and amanda blanks vocals make this song work...very fucking well

and yes, again... i am dirt nasty


never gonna stop - lazrtag
this song is fucking brilliant
although i was not able to find it on youtube, but you can DL it here:
DL LAZRTAG - nvr gonna stop

and for those who know me... i like to get a little bit freak nasty/dirt nasty
here is lazrtag's remix of lollipop

Andy Milonakis

this pre-pubescent 13 year old boy is a fucking monster.
before christmas, diplo released a beat and told his fans to spit their shit over it.
check out andy's entry (he won first, btw).

he also has an EP called "let me twitter that" HAHAHAHAH how brilliant


so yes, i am obsessed with mad decent.

major lazer - pon de floor
(off of their new album: Guns Don't Kill People - Lazers Do)

the partysquad - murderer
(off of their album : The Hollertronix 10)

both of these artists are repped by maddecent.. peep and download their albums!

South Rakkas Crew

why is so fucking funky?
because you can download whole albums for free...
from dope as shit artists.

South Rakkas Crew

South Rakkas Crew remixed by Boy 8 Bit (another one of mad decents artists)

gucci mane and diplo?! dropped diplo's : "free gucci" mixtape. who wouldn't want nasty hiphop mixed by diplo? you have to fill in a short form to get it, but its free. download this shit :

check it out
you can download playlists made by some pretty interesting people
mostly chill, ambient electronic tunes
if thats what makes you happy, go download that shit


"On-demand radio shows, Podcasts & DJ mix sets."

this website is beyond appealing, it fuckin' gives makes me wet.
bassnectar mixtapes? mumdance mixtapes? zinc mixtapes?
dubstep? dnb? mashup? funkbreaks? electonica? heavy bass?

this mixtape recently dropped.. bassnectar, always fucking out of control.

christmas crack house? fuck yes! beats from zinc.

KE$HA ... oops, i mean UFFIE

if you are not well acquainted with Uffie, you are probably unaware of edbanger records...
which is a disgrace.
better to start late than never?

uffie has revamped her sound, thank god! the girl gettin' shut down by the po-po carbon copied uffie's "dismissed" style and tried to make it hers. too bad, uffie is one step ahead.

zombie disco squad has remixed this uffie hit, dub-style. not my groove, maybe yours?


psychedelic, accordion, bizarre, fun, RUN DMT
(little is known about this elusive man/woman/it but the music will vibrate your vibes)